DAO Maker and WePad Team Up to Accelerate Crypto Industry Development!

• WeWay and DAO Maker have partnered to give WePad users access to new top-tier projects audited by the DAO Maker team.
• The collaboration will increase the utility of the #WWY token, accelerate development of both platforms, and better meet the needs of tech startups.
• Through this alliance, DAO Maker’s experts will share insights, tools and best practices with WePad, while WePad will provide technological capabilities and consulting services to DAO Maker.

WeWay and DAO Maker Partnership

WeWay and DAO Maker have signed a partnership agreement that is unique for their market. This collaboration gives WePad users access to new top-tier projects audited by the DAO Maker team and increases the utility of the #WWY token. The partnership aims to accelerate development of both platforms while responding more quickly to industry changes and meeting evolving needs of tech startups.

Core Areas of Collaboration

The two companies plan on working together in multiple dimensions with a focus on core areas such as knowledge sharing, market research collaboration, business consulting, and expanding their joint partner network.

Insights from DAO Maker

DAO Maker has over 100 successful projects in its portfolio with $42 million raised through them. As part of this alliance, their experts will share efficient tools and best practices with WePad along with insights that come from having worked on these projects before.

Technological Capabilities from WePad

On the other hand, WePad has innovations and unique technological capabilities that they can bring to this partnership. Their team is focused on consulting with specialists at DAO Maker regarding this area specifically.

Benefits for Both Companies

By combining assets such as technology expertise, community support, reputation etc., both companies hope to create exciting opportunities for their entire industry while paving the way for new cryptocurrency projects in the future.