Collect and Battle Unique DigiToads: Enjoy Residual Income With TOADS Tokens!

DigiToads Overview

DigiToads is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that allows users to collect, trade, and battle unique DigiToads using TOADS tokens. The platform offers an innovative P2E gaming experience and pledges to support environmental causes by donating 2.5% of its profits to charitable organizations dedicated to reforestation and the preservation of rainforests.

Why DigiToads Will Explode In Value

TOADS holders are continuously rewarded monthly from the prize pool, with 10% of funds raised being airdropped to them. Additionally, NFT holders who choose to stake their NFTs earn rewards over time based on the duration of staking. This creates a virtuous cycle where increased NFT staking leads to increased funds allocated to the staking pool leading to higher rewards for NFT stakers, driving up the value of TOADS tokens and providing holders with residual income.

NFT Staking Residual Income

By choosing to stake their NFTs, NFT holders can earn rewards over time based on the duration of staking. As more people participate in NFT staking, the value of TOADS tokens is expected to increase, providing holders with a residual income.

Potential For Growth

With its innovative design and ambitious goals, DigiToads is poised to take the crypto world by storm in 2023. Increased participation in NFT staking will lead to higher funds allocated for rewards which could drive up token values significantly as well as provide holders with a residual income stream.


DigiToads is an exciting new project that has potential for significant growth in 2023 as it introduces multiple revenue streams and supports environmental causes through donations. With its commitment to offering players an engaging P2E gaming experience along with opportunities for earning residual income through staking tokens, it’s easy to see why investors will be eager jump on board this project when it launches later this year!