Avalanche [AVAX] Launches New Explorer, Network Metrics Surge

• AVAX launched a new explorer for its P-chain, adding new features and capabilities
• Avalanche [AVAX] made a major announcement that increased the offerings and capabilities of the blockchain
• AVAX Daily revealed the network’s statistics for its C-Chain, showing an increase in transactions and staking rewards

Avalanche (AVAX) has recently announced the launch of its new explorer for its P-Chain, offering users deeper visibility into all P-Chain activity from staking to granular transaction details. The new explorer gives users the ability to analyze all activity related to validators, delegators, staking, subnets, and more.

The new explorer is public, giving anyone the chance to better understand the power of the Avalanche network. It provides comprehensive on-chain statistics on Avalanche’s validators, delegator transactions, staking, reward distribution, and subnet constructions.

In addition to the P-Chain development, AVAX Daily also revealed the network’s statistics for its C-Chain. According to the weekly stats, the C-Chain’s translations exceeded 11.8 million on 30 January, which was an increase of 21%. Moreover, staking reward also registered an uptick by 8.5%.

The C-Chain’s staking ratio reached 64.42% with total validators amounting to 1,230 and total delegations at 64,185. The maximum transactions per second (TPS) observed for the C-Chain was 438, an increase of 42.01% from before the announcement.

AVAX has been making steady progress since its launch in 2020. The new explorer launch and the increasing network metrics are further testament to the network’s growth and development. Investors would do well to keep an eye on AVAX’s progress in the coming months and years.