Monat: März 2023


Ether Whales Reduce ETH Holdings Before Shanghai Upgrade

• ETH whales that hold between 10,000 to 1,000,000 coins have reduced their holdings in the last month. • Mean Coin Age and Mean Dollar Invested Age metrics dropped on 22 March indicating that long-held ETH coins changed hands. • Exchange activity revealed a spike in ETH’s supply outside of exchanges on that day which […]


Discover How ChatGPT 4.0 Can Help Traders with Technical Analysis!

• OpenAI released ChatGPT 4.0, the latest and smartest bot so far. • The 3.5 bot can provide users with explanations on technical analysis tools and price action concepts. • However, it cannot access live data to analyze current information such as prices or other relevant data points of the market. OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4.0 OpenAI […]


Collect and Battle Unique DigiToads: Enjoy Residual Income With TOADS Tokens!

DigiToads Overview DigiToads is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that allows users to collect, trade, and battle unique DigiToads using TOADS tokens. The platform offers an innovative P2E gaming experience and pledges to support environmental causes by donating 2.5% of its profits to charitable organizations dedicated to reforestation and the preservation of rainforests. Why DigiToads Will […]