Prediksjon av Bitcoin kontantpris: BCH til $ 600 neste, analytiker

Forutsigelse av Bitcoin kontantpris forventer en økning til $ 600.

Sterk motstand ligger på $ 480-merket.

Sterk støtte ligger på 430 dollar

Prediksjonen av Bitcoin Cash-pris av Akhi Prajapati viser et tredobbelt bunnmønster på kryptovalutaens diagrammer. Analytikeren forventer at eiendelen vil observere et breakout neste og stige over $ 800-nivået. Den BCH prisen hadde steget over $ 480 nivået på 7 januar, mens Bitcoin BTC observert en stor pris surge og klatret til en ny all-time high over $ 40 000 mark.

Når kongen av kryptokurver rykker opp på kartene, ser altcoins ut til å ha fulgt sitt opprinnelige bullish momentum fra 7. januar med en kort korreksjon fra starten av 8. januar. Bitcoin Cash startet sin 2-dagers reise fra $ 350-merket, og den tok gradvis vei over $ 480-nivået før han observerte priskorreksjon.

Den høyeste prisen som Bitcoin Cash BCH traff 8. januar var $ 458,77, mens den laveste var $ 404,65 på Bitstamp. I skrivende stund handlet Bitcoin Cash til $ 442,07.

BCH observerte prissvingninger mellom $ 430 og $ 460 nivåer før handel avsluttes.

Denne sidelengs bevegelsen kan fortsette før slutten av den daglige handelen

Når det gjelder det tekniske, indikerer sytten av tjueåtte av disse et kjøpesignal, mens 7 tekniske står nøytrale, og 4 er i selgerposisjon. De fleste av disse er glidende gjennomsnitt, som indikerer et sterkt kjøp, mens oscillatorene ser ut til å favorisere en salgsposisjon for BCHUSD-paret.

På 1D-tidsrammen kan vi se BCH- prisen returnere fra det øvre Bollinger-båndet. Dette kan være en indikasjon på en sidebevegelse for BCHUSD-paret.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban: „Bitcoin is a religion, has no practical use“

Dirk Nowitzki’s close friend still does not see Bitcoin as a reliable financial product.

Prominent billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban reiterates his view that Bitcoin ( BTC ) is more of a collectible item than a reliable financial product for him.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki’s former team, had claimed in the past that even bananas are a better means of payment than Bitcoin

The „epidemic year“ 2020 is a good year for Bitcoin, in which adoption by institutional investors has been taken to new heights. While large companies such as MicroStrategy and Grayscale have purchased significant amounts of the cryptocurrency, many influential figures from traditional finance have now also got a taste for it . Nonetheless, Bitcoin continues to have many critics.

In an interview with Forbes on December 8th, Mark Cuban said that investors should not view the cryptocurrency as „protection in the event of a disaster“, thereby alluding to the fact that Crypto Bank is often interpreted by investors as a means of hedging because it has only a low correlation to the Stock markets exists. At the same time, Cuban rejects the idea that the crypto currency could replace fiat currencies in the future.

„Bitcoin is a store of value like gold, and is more of a religion than that of any real practical use,“ as Cuban notes. He then adds: „Countries will protect their national currencies and their power to collect taxes, so the more people believe that Bitcoin is more than a store of value, the more they run the risk that the government will act against it.“

The Mavericks owner made the corresponding statements when Bitcoin was still below the 19,000 US dollar mark. A short time later, the market-leading crypto currency was able to „refute“ its theses by climbing over 20,000 US dollars for the first time in its history . At the time of going to press, the Bitcoin price is even more than $ 23,000.

The billionaire had repeatedly criticized the cryptocurrency in the past, even attesting that bananas had greater added value than Bitcoin :

“A banana is more useful because it is healthy food for everyone in the world. But as long as people see Bitcoin as the digital version of gold, BTC is an investment vehicle. “

Mark Cuban has an estimated personal net worth of $ 4.2 billion. In August 2019, he stated that he only owned $ 130 in Bitcoin at the time, which he had generated from the sale of tickets and merchandise from his basketball club.

New DeFi project shoots up by 500 percent despite the crypto crash

The Bitcoin crash is also tearing down the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Nevertheless, there were some exciting developments this week and a DeFi token could even increase by more than 500 percent in the last 14 days.

Many DeFi tokens had to bleed these weeks. The crash of the Krypo market had dramatic consequences and the „ETF – Token“ DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), according to token sets, fell by more than 16 percent. The DPI token is often used in Decentralized Finance as an indicator of the performance of the entire DeFi sector.

Still, there is more than $ 14 billion in totalin decentralized finance protocols. The so-called Total-Value-Locked-Indicator (TVL) therefore suggests that DeFi investors were hardly disturbed by the price crash. Compared to the previous week the TVL indicator recorded only a slight decrease.

Polkadot DeFi Project changes to Cardano

The decentralized e-commerce platform Bondly is the first DeFi project on Cardano. Bondly is slated to be rolled out on the ADA blockchain at the same time as the Goguen update. Goguen enables the programming of smart contracts on Cardano. The development team behind Cardano (IOHK) commented on the new cooperation on Twitter:

Once the Goguen upgrade is complete, Bondly will switch his project from Polkadot to Cardano.

With Ethereum (ETH), normal ETH transactions are prioritized as opposed to ERC-20 transactions. In contrast, with ADA, after the Goguen update, all Cardano transactions are weighted equally. This means that all tokens that use the Cardano blockchain are treated equally, making the platform more attractive for developers.

In addition, the IOHK Foundation has announced this week that another DeFi project called Liqwid as a potential customer for the ADA project Catalyst out of the question . If the project wins, the Liqwid team will receive $ 250,000 in ADA.

Cover Protocol: Token price explodes by more than 500 percent

In the last 14 days alone, the Cover Protocol (COVER) increased by 521 percent. But what can the new project do and why did such price increases despite the DeFi crash?

COVER is a peer-to-peer marketplace for DeFi insurance. DeFi users can use Cover to protect themselves against the risk of a lack of smart contracts and other problems in the emerging Ethereum sector. Cover Protocol is therefore trying to solve an extremely important problem, because COVER wants to bring more stability to the turbulent DeFi sector. By creating trust and confidence between DeFi protocols and users, Cover aims to advance the legitimacy of decentralized finance. By filling this gap in the market, the project will benefit the entire DeFi sector and will probably inspire many investors as a result.

Since November 18, the total capital managed by COVER has increased from just under 100,000 US dollars to currently 46.24 million US dollars.

Bitcoin IRA richt nieuwe divisie op om gebruikers te onderwijzen over Crypto

De mogelijkheid om te leren over crypto is net zo solide als de mogelijkheid om er handel in te drijven en zich in te verdiepen. Dit lijkt in ieder geval de gedachten van Bitcoin IRA te zijn, die een nieuw cryptocurrency kenniscentrum lanceert voor degenen die hun start willen maken in de wereld van de digitale activahandel.

Bitcoin IRA doet alles wat het kan om mensen te onderwijzen

Bitcoin IRA is een van de enige pensioenbedrijven die gebruikers in staat stelt om digitale valuta te kopen en toe te voegen aan hun pensioenportefeuilles. In plaats van alleen maar aandelen en edele metalen weg te leggen, kunnen gepensioneerden ook de vinger leggen op bitcoin, ethereum en verschillende andere digitale activa die vaak als te volatiel worden beschouwd voor pensioendoeleinden.

Bitcoin IRA wil laten zien dat deze activa en anderen zoals zij inderdaad mensen in veilig gebied kunnen brengen als ze met pensioen gaan en hun portefeuilles diversifiëren. Een van de grootste problemen in de crypto-industrie is echter een gebrek aan kennis. Mensen handelen vaak op basis van FOMO of angst om te missen, maar doen niet echt de moeite om de eigenschappen en kwaliteiten van crypto te leren kennen voordat ze erin springen. Hierdoor lopen ze het risico om te worden uitgebuit door oplichterijen of om hun geld te verliezen.

Dit is waar het Crypto Kenniscentrum in stapt. Dit nieuwe deel van het bedrijf probeert gebruikers de informatie te geven die ze nodig hebben over blockchain, cryptocurrencies en pensioenrekeningen in het algemeen voordat ze gaan handelen. Het is ook bedoeld om gebruikers te leren waarom cryptocurrencies zo belangrijk zijn en wat ze levensvatbaar maakt voor hun pensioen.

Het centrum is verdeeld in verschillende delen. Het eerste is de populaire inhoud, die de meest gelezen artikelen met betrekking tot cryptocurrencies bevat. Hier kunnen mensen alle basisprincipes leren over wat er gaande is in de wereld van crypto en het recente nieuws over digitale handel beter begrijpen.

Een ander deel van het centrum omvat video’s en webinars. Mensen die dit gedeelte van het centrum bezoeken kunnen online programma’s bekijken die worden geleverd door cryptocurrency-experts en de tophandelaren van de arena. Daarnaast kunnen ze ook video’s bekijken die hen laten zien hoe ze kunnen handelen op het Bitcoin IRA-platform.

Andere onderdelen van het leercentrum zijn onder andere persberichten, e-books en de laatste nieuwsberichten. Tot slot probeert het leercentrum de prijs van bitcoin, die onlangs voorbij de $15.500 is gegaan, consequent in de gaten te houden. Dit is de hoogste bitcoin in ongeveer drie jaar. Door de bitcoineprijs te volgen, kunnen gebruikers de trends die deze prijs bepalen beter begrijpen en zo sterkere investeringsbeslissingen nemen.

Een sterke geschiedenis

Voor het laatste nieuws en informatie wordt de consument geadviseerd zich aan te melden voor de nieuwsbrief van het bedrijf.

Alleen al in de afgelopen vier jaar heeft Bitcoin IRA meer dan $400 miljoen aan investeringen in digitale valuta verwerkt. Het bedrijf heeft ook meer dan 2.000 vijfsterrenrecensies ontvangen op sites als Yelp.

Bitcoins Leistung von 2020 hat ‚Tulpen‘-Dämonen ausgetrieben

Bitcoin wurde oft (und fälschlicherweise) mit einmaligen Marktverrücktheiten wie der Tulpenmanie und der Südseeblase verglichen

Solche Vergleiche waren bereits fehlerhaft, aber 2020 hat solche Vorschläge endgültig vernichtet.
Die Akzeptanz und das Verständnis der Institutionen ist in diesem Jahr stärker gewachsen als je zuvor

Bitcoin hatte über die Jahre hinweg keinen Mangel an Verleumdern. Einige der Kritikpunkte, die dagegen vorgebracht werden, sind berechtigt, wie etwa die Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit und die Blockgröße, aber andere sind äußerst ungenau und rühren von mangelndem Verständnis her. Einer davon ist die Behauptung, Bitcoin sei dasselbe wie berühmte Marktblasen wie die holländische Tulpenmanie und die Südseeblase. Die Preisaktion von Bitcoin in diesem Jahr, zusammen mit der Begründung für den raschen Aufstieg zu Allzeithochs, hat endlich jeden Vergleich zwischen Bitcoin und diesen berühmten Boom-and-Bustes ausgetrieben.

Tulpenwahn – nichts geht über die Leistung von Bitcoin

Wie wir letztes Jahr in einem gesonderten Beitrag zu diesem Thema dargelegt haben, war der Preis für Tulpen und Tulpenzwiebeln in den Niederlanden Anfang des 16. Jahrhunderts aufgrund ihrer Popularität kurz nach ihrer Ankunft aus der Türkei stark überhöht. Die Tulpenblase platzte 1637 nach einem 200-fachen Anstieg innerhalb von drei Jahren und hinterließ späte Käufer mit weitgehend wertlosen Zwiebeln. Der Preis erholte sich nie wieder, und das Beispiel der Tulpenmanie wurde zur Beschreibung jeder kurzlebigen Verrücktheit, einschließlich Bitcoin, herangezogen.

Wie wir in unserem Artikel zusammenfassten, war der Vergleich bereits vor 2020 ungültig, da Bitcoin in seiner zwölfjährigen Geschichte bereits drei dieser Marktzyklen durchlaufen hatte. Das Jahr 2020 hat diese Vergleiche jedoch völlig ad absurdum geführt, nicht nur wegen des Auftauchens seines vierten Preisaufschwungs, sondern weil sein Anwendungsfall endlich unter denjenigen zementiert worden war, auf die es ankommt.

Akzeptanz und Verständnis haben den Anstieg von 2020 befeuert

Der einzige Anwendungsfall einer Tulpe ist, schön auszusehen, weshalb sich ihr Preis nach ihrem parabolischen Wachstum nie stabilisieren würde. Der Grund für die rasche Erholung von Bitcoin in diesem Jahr von seinem Boom-and-Bust im Jahr 2017 ist vor allem darauf zurückzuführen, dass eine wachsende Zahl einflussreicher Personen beginnt, sich Sorgen über einen Wertverlust der Fiat-Währungen im Gefolge des Coronavirus zu machen.

Die institutionelle Akzeptanz von Bitcoin war in diesem Jahr fast so parabolisch wie sein Wachstum, wobei sowohl seine Prämisse als auch sein Anwendungsfall in einem noch nie dagewesenen Ausmaß erforscht und verstanden wurden.

Infolgedessen hat das Wiederaufleben von Bitcoin in diesem Jahr, zusammen mit dem wachsenden Verständnis seiner Grundprinzipien, es Bitcoin endlich ermöglicht, jeden Vergleich mit einmaligen Marktzyklen wie der Tulpenmanie zu exorzieren. Dies wird die Ungebildeten, die diese Vergleiche anstellen, nicht übertreffen, aber manchmal ist ein hoffnungsloser Fall ein hoffnungsloser Fall, und zumindest diejenigen, auf die es ankommt, beginnen zu verstehen, wie ungenau solche Vergleiche sind.

Bitcoin course: Only on one day was it ever higher

On 24 November Bitcoin recorded its second highest price ever.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently at its second highest level ever. The BTC/USD pair has reached a new multi-year high of $19,330.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView show that Bitcoin Revolution broke the resistance at $19,000 on 24 November.

BTC price: second best day ever
The rapid growth and approaching all-time high of $20,000 was also commented by celebrities from the Bitcoin sector.

Ryan Selkis, the founder of the data website Messari, explained that Bitcoin had only exceeded $19,000 in one day in its past.

In addition, the largest crypto currency was now over US$10,000 for 283 days. This was also a record for the year 2020.

„Will we reach 20,000 US dollars today?“ said Selkis.

Best month ever
In the meantime, Bitcoin has grown more than in any month in its history, data indicate. In a tweet on 24 November, analyst PlanB stressed that the last three and a half weeks have been different from any other period in Bitcoin’s life.

The largest crypto currency continued to climb on Tuesday, after testing another $18,000. In less than 24 hours, it gained over $1,300.

For PlanB, this development indicates that Bitcoin would achieve even greater growth in the near future. The reason for this was the RSI, which is gradually entering a zone that signals a long term upward trend in the Bitcoin price.

„Slowly but surely this looks like the beginning of a bull market,“ said PlanB.

„Best #Bitcoin month ever in US dollars (+ 5400 US dollars) and RSI is climbing to bull market level“.
As Cointelegraph reported, PlanB stated that the RSI was strong in early November. There was no evidence that Bitcoin, despite its growth, was overbought.

At the time of going to press, the BTC/USD pair was only 2.4 percent below its historic all-time high, as confirmed by data from Bitstamp.

$1B de Bitcoin da carteira da Rota da Seda move-se pela primeira vez desde 2015

A CipherTrace especulou que o usuário anônimo fez as transações „para se manter atualizado com a rede Bitcoin“, mas pode ter sido invadido.

Um usuário anônimo de criptografia acaba de mudar 69.370 Bitcoin

Um usuário anônimo de criptografia acaba de mudar 69.370 Bitcoin de um endereço associado ao mercado de escuridão da Rota da Seda que mais recentemente se tornou um alvo popular de hacking.

De acordo com um relatório de 3 de novembro da empresa de inteligência criptográfica CipherTrace, o movimento recente envolvendo duas transações somando 69.370 Bitcoin (BTC) – ou mais de US$960 milhões no momento da publicação – teve origem em um endereço ligado ao mercado da Rota da Seda encerrado em 2013. O usuário de criptografia enviou pela primeira vez 1 BTC – provavelmente como uma transação de teste – antes de mover a maior parte das moedas.

A CipherTrace especulou que o usuário anônimo fez as transações „para se manter atualizado com a rede Bitcoin“, alternando entre os formatos de endereço. Como a última vez que alguém movimentou fundos associados ao defunto mercado de moedas escuras foi em abril de 2015, a carteira do BTC teria acesso a todas as moedas Bitcoin Cash (BCH) e Bitcoin SV (BSV) associadas com os garfos duros das fichas.

No entanto, a empresa não descartou a possibilidade de hacking:

„Estes movimentos podem possivelmente significar que o dono da carteira está movendo fundos para novos endereços para impedir que os hackers acessem o arquivo wallet.dat ou que os hackers já tenham rachado o arquivo“.

Os fundos da Rota da Seda estavam contidos em uma carteira

Os fundos da Rota da Seda estavam contidos em uma carteira que tem circulado entre hackers por mais de dois anos. Em setembro, um usuário do Twitter que alegava ter o arquivo wallet.dat para a carteira fez uma chamada à comunidade criptográfica para soluções sobre como obter acesso às 69.370 moedas, sugerindo até mesmo um computador quântico como uma forma potencial de determinar as chaves privadas.

A Rota da Seda era um mercado obscuro que permitia aos usuários comprar e vender mercadorias ilícitas como armas e informações de cartões de crédito roubados, mas a maioria das listas eram para drogas ilícitas. Ross Ulbricht, fundador do site, está atualmente cumprindo duas penas perpétuas sem possibilidade de liberdade condicional após ter sido considerado culpado de lavagem de dinheiro, pirataria informática e conspiração para o tráfico de narcóticos. Ele ainda fornece análises periódicas sobre o mercado de Bitcoin a partir da prisão.

Deutsche Bundesbank uses the service of this small cap altcoin project

The Deutsche Bundesbank has tapped into a small-cap altcoin protocol for a decentralized network project.

Ocean Protocol is a large data blockchain platform designed to help developers create applications that can securely publish, transmit and / or consume public and private data

The German bank hired Ocean for „software integration consulting services,“ according to a public announcement by the European Union. It says:

The aim of the Crypto Engine is to set up a decentralized network approach, which allows equal participants a permanent, symmetrical data access for the realization of real-time updates of statistics while maintaining the data sovereignty.

According to the German bank, Ocean Protocol was the only possible contractor for the order

As a result of the market research process, the advice from BigchainDB GmbH represents the only possible contractor for the bank. Reasons for this are, in addition to the lack of comparable competitors, above all the technical unique selling points that exist for the company due to the „Ocean Protocol“ and the underlying patented database technology . The protocol combines the elements of a distributed database with the characteristics of a DLT and is therefore the ideal starting point for the bank to develop a prototype of the network model.

The Ocean Protocol is administered by a Singapore-based non-profit foundation. The platform’s token, OCEAN, is designed to reward individuals and organizations that power the network, manage community funding, and buy and sell data.

A gold smuggler’s gait gives him away as Paypal launches the price action on a lunar mission: bad news of the week

Listen to this week’s Bad Crypto podcast

It’s been a great week for Bitcoin, a week we’ve been waiting for. The currency has risen almost 13% and crossed the USD 13,000 barrier. Part of that support came from Paypal’s decision to enable the buying and selling of crypto currencies, a move that caused its shares to soar. The company will need that kind of increase to stay ahead of the curve in currency value. Bitcoin’s valuation is now just one behind the payment processor that allows people to trade with it.

However, traders are expecting Bitcoin to slow down after that strong rebound, which has allowed the currency to regain its dominance of the crypto currencies. Some experts think the new level may not even make sense. They see that prices will fall unless they get strong support from the bulls.

One person who sees any fall as temporary is Raoul Pal. Pal, a former hedge fund manager at Goldman Sachs, has said he believes Bitcoin could reach $1 million in as little as five years.

Meanwhile, as Bitcoin tries to decide whether to continue rising, retreat or stay around $13,000, Monero and other privacy currencies are fine. Monero has gone up more than 14 percent in the last two weeks and more than 41 percent in the last month.

One place that is happy with Bitcoin’s new price level is Turkey. Adoption in that country is increasing as inflation makes prices rise and the Turkish lira falls against the dollar. The currency has fallen by about a third since the beginning of the year. Turkish registrations in Paxful, a Bitcoin market, increased by 274 percent in the last twelve months.

However, it is not just financial health that the block chain is helping to preserve. Seventeen million Chinese tourists have now used a blockchain to check their health before visiting Macau. IBM has developed a blockchain-based digital health passport that will allow people to store their health reports on their smart phones safely. Individuals must give their consent before being granted access to their IBM Digital Health Pass details.

And in Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Japarov, the country’s prime minister and new interim president has suggested using a blockchain to secure future elections. The country has had three revolutions caused by unfair elections, he said. Japarov took power after his release from prison where he was serving an 11-and-a-half-year sentence for kidnapping a rival.

A passenger on a flight from Dubai to India might have wished he had thought of moving funds in the blockchain. The airport authorities thought that he was walking strangely and stopped him. They found two pounds of gold hidden in his ass. Either the food on the flight was particularly rich or the passenger was trying to avoid paying an 18 percent tax. He should have bought Bitcoin. It’s much more comfortable and now it’s even more popular than sex. At least on Reddit.

And finally, Atari, yes, that Atari will include a crypto currency in its new console. Customers will be able to use Atari tokens while playing Atari arcade games. It seems that Bitcoin isn’t the only currency that’s going up in levels.

Listen to the audio here.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Crypto Giant Grayscale Siger $ 68,5 billioner tidevandsbølger kunne øge Bitcoin og digitale aktiver

Milliarder dollar digitalt kapitalforvaltningsfirma Grayscale siger, at en titanisk overførsel af formue kunne bringe bølger af kapital til Bitcoin og kryptokurrency.

Firmaet, der besidder mest Bitcoin fra ethvert børsnoteret selskab, siger, at en overførsel af kapital fra en generation til den næste sandsynligvis vil give digitale valutaer et massivt løft.

”Ca. 68,5 billioner dollars i aktiver forventes at blive afleveret fra Baby Boomers til Gen X og Millennials i de næste 25 år, OG flere undersøgelser viser, at disse yngre generationer er meget mere tilbøjelige til at investere i digitale valutaer. Matematikken på den ene er ikke hård! ”

Antallet er baseret på en undersøgelse fra det globale kapitalforvaltningsfirma Cerulli, der viste, at mere end $ 68 billioner vil blive overført fra 45 millioner amerikanske husstande til deres arvinger og velgørenhedsorganisationer.

Grayscales vurdering af, at yngre generationer, især årtusinder, er tilbøjelige til at investere i digitale aktiver, er baseret på undersøgelser, der viser, at årtusinder mangler mistillid til banker og er meget mere åbne for digitale aktiver. En nylig undersøgelse foretaget af finansselskabet Charles Schwab afslører, at Grayscale Bitcoin Trust rangerer nummer fem i de største aktiebeholdninger i årtusinder – over Disney, Netflix og Microsoft.

Millennials ser også på kryptokurver som investeringer i lang tid. Ifølge en Bankrate-undersøgelse er årtusinder tre gange mere tilbøjelige til at investere i digitale aktiver end deres forgængere.

„Millennials valgte kryptokurver som deres øverste langsigtede investering omkring 9 procent af tiden – cirka tredoblet satsen for Generation X. Tidligere generationer havde et ubetydeligt antal respondenter, der valgte virtuel valuta som deres bedste valg.“